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Welcome to Zurich Self-drive Tour Carnet Guarantee Application!


The launch of Ad Hoc Quota Trial Scheme for Cross Boundary Private Cars (Self-drive Tour Scheme) surely enables you to have a wonderful driving experience between Hong Kong and Guangdong Province; however, in order to fulfill the requirements by the China Customs, you need to apply for ATA Carnet issued by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) for the duty-free temporary admission of your private car into China. Backing this ATA Carnet, you are required to provide security in the form of cash or guarantee. To help you handle relevant requirements without hassle, Zurich proudly presents Self-drive Tour Carnet Guarantee, a first-to-market insurance guarantee tailored for applicants of Self-drive Tour Scheme to enable you a hassle-free driving tour.

The Guarantee
For the issuance of ATA Carnet, HKGCC will require you to provide a cash deposit or guarantee as security for the respective custom duties. Zurich’s Self-drive Tour Carnet Guarantee provides guarantee to your custom duties, charges or penalties arising out of Self-drive Tour Scheme and up to a period of seven days, in the event that you fail to observe the respective customs requirements. We free you from the trouble of arranging cash security or applying bank guarantee for the short driving trip.

Whilst we provide guarantee to your custom duties, you have to fulfill your respective obligations to China Customs. For Zurich to act as your guarantor, you are required to provide a counter-guarantee for indemnifying us any duties, taxes and penalties as demanded.

By enrolling to Zurich Self-drive Tour Carnet Guarantee, you are entitled to the following benefits as an insurance company guarantee and much more:
  • e-Guarantee - Zurich is the sole provider of e-Guarantee acceptable by HKGCC, helping to simplify and speed up your ATA Carnet application procedure
  • No examination of credit for application
  • Simple & easy application procedure
  • Convenient 24/7 online application with instant confirmation of acceptance
  • 24-hour Emergency Assistance Referral Service to assist you for unexpected event in China
  • On top, you can also enjoy a comprehensive protection throughout the trip by enrolling to Self-drive Tour Motor Contingent Liability, Self-drive Tour Vehicle Protection and Travelplus Insurance Plan as a total solution.

Simple Procedure 1 - 2 - 3

Remarks: ^Prior to your application, please ensure you are advised of the required Guarantee Amount by HKGCC. You can refer your ATA Carnet application acknowledgement for your required Guarantee Amount. #ATA Carnet must be returned to HKGCC within 14 days after use when you return to Hong Kong, otherwise an additional charge of HKD5,000 will be imposed by us.

To take out Zurich Self-drive Tour Carnet Guarantee , please prepare the following documents on hand:
  • Notification of the required Guarantee Amount by HKGCC
  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • HKID numbers of all Named Drivers
  • Your credit card

To apply, please select your status as the proposer and complete the application as below:

Proposer's Status

HKGCC and Zurich Insurance Company Ltd ("Zurich") are not related companies and neither is an agent of the other. Zurich is the guarantor who is solely responsible for all matters concerning the guarantee.